The Blockchain Simulation Workshops

  • An engaging 3 to 4- hour workshop
  • Learn how Blockchain works through an interactive simulation.
  • See real use cases being demonstrated
  • Translate the learnings into use cases for your business
  • Dedicated workshops available for your industry
  • Ideal for training, management/project teams, and workshops
  • Workshops are done by Jeroen Perquin


Follow a Use Case

  • Participants play the part of companies who decided to form a consortium, contributing to a common Blockchain.
  • They follow a fictitious scenario in which they experience first-hand the benefits of a Blockchain for improving their decision-making capabilities.
  • As they selfishly race to get their claims committed to a block, they also take selfless actions to ensure the system keeps flowing, mirroring how a Blockchain works.
  • The tactile nature of the business simulation increases engagement and speeds up learning.
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"I have read books about Blockchain  and have followed trainings, but you are the first to explain Blockchain really well thanks to the Simulation. Thank you very much"

- Jeroen K. (Innovation Manager e-Learning)

You will Learn:

  • how information flows through a Blockchain
  • how privacy and confidentiality are addressed in the Blockchain
  • how Blockchain guarantees data integrity (e.g. why it is so hard to ‘hack’)
  • how to confidently communicate the impact of Blockchain to colleagues
  • how to practically apply the concepts to your business objectives
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Blockchain Simulation for Financials

Blockchain Simulation for Supply Chain

Blockchain Simulation for Health Care 

Blockchain Simulation for Engineering and Construction

Blockchain Simulation for Energy

To deliver the Blockchain Simulation workshops, we work together with our partner Finos B.V. See also


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